Friday, September 26, 2008

Survey Recommendations........

Here are recommendations that I made during a recent survey of a Luhrs sportfishing boat....

1. FOUND: In the machinery space, the main engine the raw water cooling water seacock (1-1/2” gate valve) was found to non-operational and has evidence of alloy breakdown. RECOMMEND: This seacock should be replaced as required with a marine-grade valve installed as per accepted marine industry practices. Buyer has been made aware of this condition.

2. FOUND: In machinery space, lead acid storage batteries properly secured and in spillproof trays with the terminals not protected to prevent accidental sparking – fires as per ABYC and NFPA 302 recommendations. RECOMMEND: Provide and install adequate battery terminal protection as required to prevent accidental sparks which could cause fire – explosion aboard the vessel. Buyer has been made aware of this condition.

3. FOUND: In forward machinery space area, the suction line (white PVC pipe) for one of the vessel’s dewatering pumps is not supported at the forward bulkhead and potentially could come in contact with the engine’s drive belt assembly. RECOMMEND: This suction line should be well supported with clamps at the bulkhead. Buyer has been made aware of this condition.

4. FOUND: Expired USCG required and approved visual distress devices (flares). RECOMMEND: Supply and have onboard at least three (3) USCG approved visual distress devices before getting underway as per 33 and 46 CFR. Owner and buyer have been made aware of this condition.

5. FOUND: In machinery space, at after end of exhaust manifold, starboard engine, leaking cooling water hose connection. RECOMMEND: Inspect and repair as required to provide water and gas tight hose connection. Hose connections should be secured with two (2) all stainless steel clamps.

6. FOUND: The vessel’s Washington State assigned HIN - WAZ was not visible on the upper starboard transom area as required by state law. RECOMMEND: Provide and install a permanent engraved placard with the vessel’s assigned state HIN (Hull Identification Number). with the hose connection made with two (2) all stainless steel hose clamps as per ABYC. Buyer has been made aware of this condition.

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