Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lesson 16: Speed, Time and Distance Problems

1. At 1056 your GPS shows your position as 36º 58.0 N 075º 42.0 W. At 1131 the GPS shows your position at 37º 08.5 N 075º 40.1 W. What was the speed made good (SMG) between the fixes?


2. At 0914 you are at the Chesapeake Bay Entrance Channel Buoy CBJ. What is your ETA at Chesapeake Channel between Trestle B and Trestle C of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel if you are making 10.9 knots?


3. While outbound in Thimble Shoal Channel, you are abeam of both Trestle “A” and “B” at 0707 while steering 108º T. At 0731, you take the following bearings PMC while steering 117º PMC: Cape Henry Light 144º, Cape Charles Light 040.5º, Thimble Shoal Tunnel South Light bearing 290º. What was the speed made good between 0707 and 0731? (Use 9º W variation and the compass deviation table found elsewhere in this study guide).

A.9.6 kt.
B.9.4 kt
C.8.9 kt
D.8.6 kt

4. At 1440 you are steering 005º T for a light dead ahead at a distance of 14 nm. You intend to make the light at 1625 to meet a pilot boat. What is your required speed to make at this light at 1625?

A.7.4 kt.
B.7.7 kt.
C.8.0 kt.
D.8.5 kt.


1. C
2. B
3. C
4. C

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