Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Start of Marginal Maritime Advice -

Hello Mariners -

Starting September 16th - I will blogging my current Seattle OUPV - Master 100 ton license class. As I prattle through the next several weeks...I will be posting the various lectures and practice problems (piloting, navigation general, navigation rules, and deck general) that we cover in class during our excursion into mariginal maritime advice.

Just to be sure - this is not an approved USCG license training - but I will be glad to share bits and pieces of our study guide with all of you - and would encourage you to purchase a copy of the Rules of the Road, NOAA Chart 12221 TR, dividers, and parallel rules so you can study along with us.

Naturally - I would encourage questions and comments as we make our way through this 8-week course....and hopefully Captains Rodriguez and Rundlett will join us in our travels. At the end of the day - you just might be entertained and even educated !