Monday, September 29, 2008

A Quiz.........

1.On charts of the US waters, a magenta marking is not used for marking a:
A. 5-fathom curve.
B. Prohibited area.
C. Lighted buoy.
D. adio-beacon.

2. The only cylindrical chart projection used for navigation is the:
A. Lambert conformal.
B. Mmercator.
C. Azimuthal.
D. Gnomonic.

3. The equator is:
A. The primary great circle of the Earth perpendicular to the axis.
B. The line to which all celestial observations are reduced.
C. The line from which a celestial body’s altitude is measured.
D. All of the above.

4. Chart legends which indicate a conspicuous landmark is printed in:
A.Capital letters.
B. Italics.
C. Boldface print.
D. Underlined letters.

5. The description “Racon” besides an illustration on a chart would mean a:
A. Radar transponder beacon.
B. Radar conspicuous beacon.
C. Radar calibration beacon.
D. Circular radio-beacon.

6. 17 degrees of latitude is equal to:
A. 68 miles.
B. 510 miles.
C. 1020 miles.
D. 4080 miles.

7. Charts should be corrected by using information published in the:
A. Light List
B. Notice to Mariners
C. Coast Pilot
D. All the above

8. The compass rose on a nautical chart indicates both variation and -
a. Deviation
A. Annual Rate of variation change.
B. Precession.
C. Compass error.

9. A chart with a scale of 1:600,000 is classified as:
A. Sailing chart.
B. General chart.
C. Coast chart.
D. Harbor chart.

10. Which aid is not marked on a chart with a magenta circle?
A. Aero light.
B. Radar station.
C. Radar transponder beacon.
D. Radio-beacon.

1.A 6. C
2. B 7. D
3. A 8. B
4. A 9. A
5.A 10. A

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