Monday, January 12, 2009

You Can't Write This Stuff....

From a egripe board regarding another license training school - (names, location, and dates changed)....

In June, the Yacht Club was approached by this organization to ask if they could rent our facilities to offer a Coast Guard approved Captain's course. The Board of the Club met in a special meeting and concluded they could rent the hall for 10 days for the price of $- so the instructor made the reservation for the class and plans were underway. I (the club's commodore) was there to let the instructor into the Club to start the class. The commodore even made the class coffee on each morning! The commodore even repaired a flat tire (on his car) for the instructor at no charge during the course of the week!!!!! Much to our dismay after invoicing this company several times along with repeated phone calls about the outstanding bill, the school has told a Board member of our Club that he has NO intentions of paying the bill. He claims our facilities were lacking, cold damp and dim to quote him exactly.

We have one of the finest yacht clubs on the lake and have been in existence since ____!! We will be sending a version of our experiences with this school to upcoming courses they have listed on their webiste to warn others about these scammers. The Coast Guard should also take note of their actions and look into a reputable company on par with federal standards to teach these classes.

Respectfully and truthfully sumitted

Commodore Yacht Club

The school's response -

Rebuttal to the Yacht Club's Commodore's libelous Rantings

The events conveyed by the commodore of the Yacht Club are innacurate and frought with lies and omissions. The School is among the most prestigious of schools and NEVER has there been a dispute or any claims made by any organization who have hosted the school in the past. The school currently operates in many states and we have been and continue to be invited back each time. The commodore's histerical rantings omit the fact that the space was not provided as agreed. Not only was the space poorly lighted requiring the instructor to delay the class due to having to drive to BUY LIGHTBULBS so that the students could see their charts but the commodore also conveniently leaves out that on at least 2 evenings the class was moved by him - as we had no choice - to a cold garage some miles away. (Cold is not an understatement as students had to wear coats during the class whiile sitting on folding chairs). We understand he owns the car garage station that the class was forced to move into. We subsequently received compliants from virtually every student. We informed his 'other board member' of the issue however our complaints landed on deaf ears and they simply decided to unilateraly invoice the school. The school enjoys an excellent reputation and has NEVER had a complaint before. We also have never had the misfortune of having to subject any student to the conditions orchestrated at the Yacht Club. None whatsoever! The Commodore has to realize that he can't just spew unjust defamatory statements and has given the school legal cause to file a lawsuit for his libelous statements. Unfortunately, as he is touting his musings as commodore of the YC, we have no choice than to pursue action against them both.


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