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Hotel California

Another post in the From Down Under's Hotel California time in NZ....

Hi John,
I thought you might be interested in the developments regarding the Certificate of Stability issue. I have not be able to track down the owner of a similar vessel (A Denis Ganley ACE 3 named Black Adder) as of yet. While I calculated the Point of Vanishing Stability of 136.35, the CYCA didn't even want to know about it. They made a Board decision that they needed a Certificate of Stability for the vessel in their files before approving our entrance into the "Cruise". In the meantime, I have been pursuing the other vessel (which had been built from the same hull design expressly for charter and as a result got a certificate of stability). There is a web account of Black Adder's taking a knock down and surviving and it was through that narrative that I found a gentleman by the name of Paul who is trying to assist in finding that owner. BUT, the interesting part is the notion that if we go into NZ we might not be able to leave without this certificate! An interesting development.
Fair Winds _/), Suzan

To: "'Suzan
RE: Looking for the owner of Black Adder

Ok good to know Suzan,

Yes I am fairly up on the CYCA requirements. Unfortunately to be the bearer of potentially bad news unless things have changed in NZ I expect you will receive the same requirements from the NZ MSA (NZ Marine Safety Authority). There was a general move in both countries about the same time – 4-5 years ago (perhaps more) to toughen requirements for foreign yachts travelling through. There was quite explicit warnings issued in Aus and NZ (not limited to CYCA) that foreign yachts arriving in Aus or NZ would have to meet local offshore requirements before they were permitted to leave – Headline news type stuff. There was quite extensive discussion but the local strength of opinion on the subject was strong. I am not exactly sure how they enforce this. Racing yachts have the CAT1-5 sailing requirements and in general CAT1 is held up as the standard for cruising yachts also. I don’t think there is huge distinction drawn between racing yachts and cruising yachts. This is because the rescue statistics are balanced evenly between cruising and racing. For example in 1996 the pacific cruising fleet got caught in a bad storm north of NZ and there was loss of life equivalent to the 98/99 Sydney Hobart race. These were all cruising boats not racing boats.

None the less these Hotel California (able to arrive but never to leave) situations are pretty unpleasant as they prey on the innocent as a result of a small few.

Ok so reading the CAT 1 requirement a stability certificate from the original designer, although it is recommended, is not your only option. It may be the cheapest if we can find John. I will see what I can do to help here. In the mean here is the requirement you have meet if you don’t already have this. Send me any thoughts that come to mind on the viability of these options.


This is the CAT 1 requirement you must meet. I skipped the sections not related to you E.g. movable ballast, Canting keel, multihull.

“6.4 (K) (a) – By measurement and calculation it shall be shown that the subject yacht has a minimum IMS Stability Index as shown in the table below.” Which for CAT 1 is 115.
“Measurements and calculations shall be accompanied either by an official IMS rating certificate or a declaration from a Naval Architect/Yacht Designer.


[6.4 (K)] (b) By calculation it can be shown that the subject yacht complies with the ISO 12217-2 ‘Small craft – Stability and Buoyancy Assessment and Categorization. Part 2: Sailing boats of hull length greater than of equal to 6m’.”
The calculated STIX value shall achieve the minimum values shown in the table below.” For Cat1 the value is 32.
“It is recommended that, where possible this calculation be carried out by the yacht’s original Designer. The calculations must be accompanied by a declaration from a Naval Architect/Yacht Designer.”

[6.4 (K)] (c)
“The owner shall provide a Designers Data and/or GZ Curve accompanied by a Designers declaration that illustrates that the subject yacht achieves a minimum limit of Positive Stability as shown in the table below.” For Cat1 the value is 115 degrees.


[6.4 (K)] (d)

There are several options under (d). The first is for CAT 4/5 eligible yachts which is not relevant to you.


An incline test conducted by an approved measurer or Naval Architect.


Can be calculated from like design


An ORC Club Handicap can provide the information”

END (of 6.4)

Hi Paul,
Sorry to hear that you have had the flu... and being summer even a worse time to not be enjoying the weather. Actually this e-mail address is our "land" e-mail so you can send whatever attachments. The SSB mail is the sailmail and winlink accounts (we are currently migrating from winlink to sailmail as winlink does too much screening of incoming so I don't get a lot of messages). As for time line.... well, we have just given up on getting CYCA approval and decided to head out of Sydney to Tasmania. This club is so focused on racing they can't get a grip on the concept of cruising. If you were to see the racing boats being produced now you understand their sensitivity to getting "Certificates of Stability"... the newer boats are just a thin thin hull with the most minimal of stuff to hold them together... everything is carbon fiber and the owners are fanatical about any weight going onto the boat. Consequently these light boats have a difficult time in rough seas. Because of the 1998 Hobart disaster and the subsequent finger pointing, their Board is very gun shy and informed us that they would need a certificate specific to our boat. Now, that isn't to say that we are not interested in contacting John, because it is likely that this situation will come up again but likely in a less rigorous form. So, if you are still interested, we would appreciate the help, but the immediacy of the situation has changed. I have copied this message to Denise, the architect's daughter who had been talking with NZ MOT so that she too would know that we threw up our hands. We complied with every other requirement for race category 1 with the exception of the Certificate and obtaining morphine... which could have been done, but Customs official love to take it away, so why bother if you can't get the race certificate.

I hope you are feeling better and thank you for all of your help.

Fair Winds _/), Suzan

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