Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Down Under Part II

More developments from the Captain....

Still on the trail... it seems that the CYCA is just about to say OK, but they have asked for the "Angle of Vanishing Stability". Do you know what this formula might be or is this something that must have some empirical testing for?

As for the Fair winds _/) ... just a salutation, but your is a lovely vessel. I do notice that with your wonderful salon/deck house that you have presents more weight higher up which certainly would impact your righting moment. It seems that so many of the mathematical formulas don't take into account the location of the weight and that seems to be the critical element in the tenderness or stability of a vessel. We have tried very hard to keep all new weight added to the boat to be close to the waterline (either just above or just below... most of it is below). Other than the original structure, the only weight high up are the anchors on the bow, the liferaft on the deck behind the wheel and the whole dinghy davit, solar panel arrangement off the stern. I know that you aren't suppose to do an eyeball test, but golly, by sight this vessel certainly looks stable.

On a similar vane, there is a great book, Halsey's Typhoon about the WWII cruisers and destroyers who had there metacentric point drastically changed with all the equipment (radar, etc) that was retrofitted to the top of the boats during the war which changed the dynamics of the vessel... it is a gripping read about their sinking. In the meantime, if you have any other thoughts, they would be appreciated. This process may have been a bit over the top, but the Bass Straits can be quite treacherous. After going through this process we now think back on the cruising back in the US and the lack of safety checks.... yes, as Captain we are responsible but it has been amazing how many little items go bad (we took our lifejackets in for a certified safety check and 1 had a bad valve and 1 a leak). The Aussies really like to see that everything is certified or check every year or two.

This club has 1 full time employee for doing the checks.

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