Monday, January 5, 2009

A Tour of Ballard Yacht Club's Stunning New Campus

After several decades of being a housed in a back street near-slum facility - the Ballard Yacht Club proudly announces its new virtual facility here in Ballard (not to be confused with ZM's corporate HQ).

The upper most picture is of the "members only" where boats go to die docks here on the Lake Washington Ship Canal - the six trumpeters line the hollowed Founder's Walkway which represent a tribute to the various Laws of Marginal Maritime Advice - the entrance hall is large enough to encourage large club activities, pre-owned yacht auctions, unauthorized bon-fires, Nickelsville encampments, wood boat refastening work, and unsalted snowy streets - the large stone mural (hand carved in China) depicts the role the Club played in the great mid-century yacht broker wars fought here on Salmon Bay during the pre-green city era (during the reign of The Most Honorable Capt William) - and the bottom picture is of Commodore's Duncan's office and massage parlor.

BYC wishes to thank all of our tree in lobby

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