Monday, October 20, 2008

Thompson Runabout Restoration

Scott Christianson from my current Seattle M100 class rebuilt this classic wood runabout...

The Thompson, the good ship "Northern Exposed" before and after. Today I pulled her out of the garage, gave her a bath, hooked up the gas and she fired right up. I think I might launch on Monday -pour a brew over the bow and all.

One of the pics shows the tongue of the trailer and a fitting i installed to swing it out of the way also i added new bunks 2x6's skinned with a slick black poly for that purpose. One of my favourite pics is of the stem, which has this nice shapely reverse to it-a siren sort of. Here she is gutted. Replaced a lot of the fastenings on the inside of the boat and upside down replaced the keel shoe.

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