Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recommendation City......

The following laundry list of recommendation were made for an wood Fairliner...

The following Recommendations were made during survey:

• 1. FOUND: The vessel’s electrical wiring is materially below industry standards and practices as per ABYC for both the 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC systems. RECOMMEND: The vessel should be thoroughly examined and re-wired as needed before further operation by a qualified marine electrician.
• 2. FOUND: At the vessel’s underbody, amidships, portside garboard strake against keel, there is ample evidence of alloy wastage of the bronze hull fasteners (#10 X 1 3/8” and # 12 X 2’). RECOMMEND: Hull fasteners in keel area and hull should be thoroughly inspected and replaced where necessary with marine grade bronze fasteners. In addition, all affected seam areas should be properly reefed out and bedded with a suitable marine grade underwater seam compound before launching to prevent accidental flooding. In addition, all underwater metal fittings and hardware should be electrically bonded to properly size sacrificial underwater anodes.
• 3. FOUND: No USCG approved Type B-1 dry chemical portable fire extinguishers onboard as required. RECOMMEND: Supply and mount at least two (2) USCG approved Type B-1 fire extinguishers onboard subject vessel.
• 4. FOUND: No overboard drainage of propane gas from cylinder locker-box to avoid accidental explosion and remote controlled fuel shut-off valves-controls as required by ABYC and NFPA 302. RECOMMEND: Provide adequate overboard drainage of propane locker and install remote controlled fuel shut off valves as required.
• 5. FOUND: Onboard propane fired heater badly damaged. RECOMMEND: Do not use. Remove from vessel and replace with an USGC and or UL approved marine grade heating device.
• 6. FOUND: All through hull fittings, especially those (two (2) seacocks) through-hull fittings and gate valves found below the sole in the enclosed marine toilet compartment not in serviceable condition. RECOMMEND: All seacocks and through hull fittings should be replaced and or repaired before launching. All below-the-water line hose fittings must be clamped with two (2) all stainless steel hose clamps.
• 7. FOUND: NO operational dewatering devices aboard subject vessel. RECOMMEND: Supply and install marine grade dewatering devices, viz., the undersigned recommends at least three (3) 1500 to 2500 gallon per hour 12 volt battery operated dewatering devices with both manual and automatic controls to be installed as per ABYC.
• 8. FOUND: Portside, amidships at sheer, a moderate area of softwood – decay. RECOMMEND: Affected area should be repaired - replaced with marine grade materials to restore proper structural strength and cosmetic appearance. In addition, those areas of concern as it pertains to areas of soft wood and or decay as described in the above “Observations and Non-Standard Conditions” shall be addresses as well to restore proper structural strength and cosmetic appearance.
• 9. FOUND: Various safety rail stanchions loose on weather deck. RECOMMEND: Repair and re-bed all affected stanchions to restore proper strength for safe operation of vessel.
• 10. FOUND: Fuel system (hoses, filters, and clamps) in need of repair and or replacement prior to operations. RECOMMEND: Supply, install, and or repair all affect fuel hoses, tankage, and related equipment – fitting with USCG approved marine grade components installed to ABYC and NFPA 302 standards and recommendations.
• 11. FOUND: No cathodic protection provided to protect underwater hardware against corrosion and wastage. RECOMMEND: Supply and install sacrificial zincs on propeller shafts, propeller struts, and rudder assemblies to minimize metal wastage. When launched, protection value should be monitored to established proper zinc amount.
• 12. FOUND: As per 33 CFR - onboard marine toilet is not equipped with onboard holding tank (USCG approved TYPE III Marine Sanitation Device). The Raritan manufactured Lectra-San device found onboard may or may not work properly…regardless of its operational status, the operation of USCG approved TYPE I and II MSD are not permitted within Puget Sound. RECOMMEND: Supply and install holding tank and other fittings as required to equip vessel with an USCG approved Type III MSD.
• 13. FOUND: No USCG required and approved personal floatation devices (PFD) and no USCG required and approved visual distress devices (flares). RECOMMEND: As per 33 CFR - supply and have onboard and readily accessible one (1) USCG approved Type I PFD for each individual onboard and at least three (3) USCG approved visual distress devices before launching.

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