Thursday, October 23, 2008

STCW Codes.......

I received an email from Ms Norleen Schumer of this morning regarding the myriads of STCW codes....for those mariners out there who are confused (count me in)'s still confusing - Thanks Norleen!

VI, A-VI/3 = Advanced Firefighting
VI/1, A-VI/1 = Basic Safety Training
III/2, A-III/2 = Chief Engineer Officer
II/2, A-II-2 = Chief Mate
VI/1, A-VI/1 = Familiarization training (all seafarers)
V/1 = Familiarization training (tankers)
VI/2, A-VI/2 = Fast Rescue Boats (proficiency in)
VIII/1, A-VIII/1 = Fitness for duty (watchkeeping personnel)
IV, A-IV, II/1, II/3 = GMDSS (Radio Communication)
II/2, A-II/2, II/3- A-II/3 = Master (general qualifications)
VI/4, A-VI/4 = Medical First Aid/Medical Care (persons designated to provide)
II/1, A-II/1, II/3, A-II/3 = Officer in Charge, Navigational watch
III/1, A-III/1 = Officer in Charge, Engineering watch
III/4, A-III/4 = Ratings forming part of engineering watch (RFPEW)
II/4, A-II/4 = Ratings forming part of a navigational watch (RFPNW)
VI/2, A-VI/2 = Rescue craft (proficiency in)
VI/2, A-VI/2 = Survival craft (proficiency in)

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