Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sailing Lilly Update II

Hello world -
It is true all roads do lead to La Cruz, we are always running into people and boats that we have meet along the way. They come and go and they all have stories to tell. Banderas Bahia is a strange place, you come around the corner at Punta Mita to high rise hotels and condos as far as the eye can see, you think you are back in Cabo. We moored at Marina Rivera Nayarit, a walk to the village, La Cruz, dispelled most of our worries. A great cobble stone street, old village, friendly people, great little restaurants and palapas, fun shops and tiendas mostly in front of peoples homes. The gringos haven't completely taken over, yet. There are still pockets of resistance.
The trip from Mazatlan was full of surprises. We left Mazatlan at 4 AM to dolphins jetting around and under the boat there wakes lit up like glow sticks. Sunrise produced tortugas, probably saw 10 to15, some with birds riding on their shells, just bumbling along. All the time, WHALES, everywhere whales, humpbacks, slapping the water to clean their fins and tales and then a breach. Every direction, some far, some near. This is kind of hard to write....we are starting to get used to them, we will never take them for granted but they are becoming common place. We will always be in aw.
We arrived at Isla Isabela, a national bird sanctuary, the nesting place of 100s if not 1000s of Frigate Birds and smaller numbers of Blue Footed Boobies (they only nest in the Galapagos, here, and one other place that I don't remember), and Brown Yellow Footed Boobies. They have no fear of humans and we were walking along with nests at eye level less than 2 feet away, the Boobies nested on the ground, the path being their place of choice. They look you in the eye and watch you step over them, and they don't flinch. Fabulous, unbelievable experience, between the 2 of us Gringos with dirt covered sandal feet we took 250 pictures.
We invited everyone in the anchorage to the boat for a social, way fun, 13 people (old salts on a junk rigged steel boat, old farts like ourselves on plastic fantastic, newly weds, wood boat nuts). A good time was had by all and they all got home, the wind had piped up with some waves and we almost had a few swimmers as a result of swabbies loading in to their dingy for home.
Left for Banderas Bay with stops in Matenchen Bay (just anchored out didn't go ashore as we plan to stop and do the bay and San Blas on our way north in the spring) and Chacala. Chacala is a great little one street village. Very colorful, beautiful beach, lots of palapas on the beach, palm trees everywhere, mango farms, pangas coming and going all day and night. Pangas are the work boats of Mexico, 20' or so long, open fiberglass row boat types with big outboard engines, they are fishing boats, tour boats, ferry boats, freight boat, and you see them everywhere, in all kinds of conditions (sometimes when we are getting bounced around we will see a Panga bouncing along its occupants wave and smile, we in turn wave and change our frowns to smiles and enjoy the moment).

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