Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hold On - Here's an Update....

Good day to you,In my note to you yesterday, I said that the REC's would be processing Original and Renewal MMD's if there were no problems with the physicals or drug tests.I fear I must retract that bit of good news and revise it somewhat. Only some of the REC's will be doing the processing of these documents, HOWEVER (dot-dot-dot), and here is the BIG caveat, the REC's will ONLY be doing it on a VOLUNTARY basis. Explanation as I understand it from several REC's. It seems that the REC's are still extremely busy, add that to the staffing reductions that they have had to deal with over the past year, and by adding additional work would not be beneficial to either the customers or themselves.So, here is the deal, tell your folks who are going to apply for an Original or Renewal of an Entry Level MMD, to check with their local REC and ask IF they do the processing locally or will they be sent back to NMC for processing.Either way, the MMD's will still be processed.Norleen

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