Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nav Rules Mnemonic Devices

Towing astern / yellow over white – my hawser is tight – towing astern at night
Towing astern > 200 meters / three whites – long tow at night
Towing astern < 200 meters / short tow in sight
Pushing ahead (inland) / yellow over yellow pushy inland fellow
Non-displacement craft / slow flash – slow tow
Barge inland / fast flash – fast boat
Not under command / Red over red – engine's dead
Restricted in Ability to maneuver / Red white red – I can't turn my head dayshape “a diamond between two ballons” can't move too much or you pop 'em” (ZM ditty)
Constrained by draft / 3 three reds – drafty bed – dayshape 'can of draft beer'
Pilot boat – white over red pilot ahead
Aground / red – red – white aground at night – three rounds I am aground (ZM ditty)
Sail – red over green sailing machine
Trawling - Green over white - trawling at night - masthead light
Fishing - red of white - fishing at night - no masthead light
Minesweep – green tree of death (ZM ditty)
Fog signals – (ZM original) ' here I come sounding 1 – here I wait sounding 2 – all others, prolonged and too short – just sound that” (ZM – Sea School ditty)
Anchor sounds in fog (>100 meters) “At the bow standing under the anchor light I ring the bell for 5 seconds – running aft I don't trip since the deck lights are on just in time to bang the gong for 5 seconds – but wait I have 1 minute to walk forward to start the thing over again'

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Marcel said...

From the pecking order in Rule 18....

Non-Rate Can Fool Senior People Sometimes.

Not under command
Restricted in ability to maneuver
Constrained by draught
Fishing vessel
Sailing vessel
Power driven vessel
Sea planes