Monday, December 1, 2008

Where Boats Go to Die: Part IV - Food Good, Fire Bad, Tide's Out - Table Set....

Fire Bad....Living on a 55-year old wood boat has its moments - consider this - with fall comes strong winds which move the boat around working the dock lines, water connection, and shorepower fitting. A little, tiny, smallest amount of resistance due to a loose connection brings on heating and eventually fire - which is bad -
This morning the fire bad thing almost happened - you can see the program we had going on at the boat shorepower connection - which was a little bit loose - which caused over heating - which expanded the metal contacts - becoming so hot that the #8 wire was toasted and had to be replaced (compare the dark - brittle over-heating program with bright, new wire) along with the shorepower boat fitting and 30-amp dock cord.

So this is a good time to check your shorepower connections for overheated - black - cooked plastic or metal contacts - make sure the fitting is not more than just warm to the touch.
Fire Bad.

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