Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Survey Class Schedule

Introduction to the Art of Marine Survey -Yachts and Small Craft

28 June to 2 July 2010 – 0830 to 1700

Nordby Conference Center – Fishermen’s Terminal

Seattle, Washington


- Welcome and course introduction

- Marine survey and the role of the marine surveyor

- Accreditation societies (SAMS, NAMS)

- Vessel types and descriptions

- Nature of observations and findings

- Lunch

- Tools used in marine survey work

- Wooden vessel construction, deficiencies, and inspection techniques – guest speaker

- Wooden vessel fastenings


- Recap of previous day

- Wooden vessel fastening inspection techniques

- Observation and recommendations regarding refastening

- Galvanic Corrosion

- Lunch

- Galvanic Corrosion

- Use of USCG Navigation - Vessel Inspections Circulars (NVIC) as guidance in survey work

- Fiberglass vessel construction, deficiencies, and inspection techniques

- Use of electronic moisture meters

- Observations


- Recap of previous day

- Steel and aluminum vessel construction, deficiencies, and inspection techniques

- Use of ultrasonic NDT hull shell thickness measurements

- Vessel stability observations

- Sail rig inspection – guest speaker

- Lunch

- Overview of damage surveys

- Review of ABYC, NFPA, and CFR standards and recommended practices for yachts and small craft

- Commercial vessel inspection – passenger and fishing (flag administration classification and certification schemes – regulations - USCG, DNV, ABS, Lloyds)


- Recap of previous day

- Marine machinery inspection – guest speaker

- Lunch

- Survey reports – content and use of work product by clients, marine lenders, insurance underwriters, and marine trade professional – guest speakers

- Review of survey reports – nature of minimum content

- Value surveys (Fair Market Value – Best and Highest Use – Comparative Sales)


- Recap of previous day

- Boat yard inspections

- Lunch

- Preparation of group reports on findings

- Presentation of group reports

- Presentation of Certificates of Completion

Cost: USD$ 500.00/pp (includes training materials) – please register and pay online at Please click on registration tab at home page – enter marine survey class in location field. Registration –

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