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Marine Survey Class - Yachts and Small Craft

Zenith Maritime's School of Marine Arts is pleased to announce an introduction to marine survey class starting 28 June 2010 at Fishermen's Terminal - Seattle. This is a week long, 40-hour class covering wood, fiberglass, and metal vessels, systems - machinery inspection, regulations, and report writing. Cost $500 which includes all materials - for more information contact


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Breakdown Inspection of Material during Yacht repair Inspection.
There are different types of materials used in structures and how structures are put together to resist the forces. All of the above has been based on the supposition that the materials remain and function in accordance with their normal properties. However, in practice all materials are subject to degradation over time from a variety of different sources. some examples of materials used for yachts noted in their several years of experience by constellation marine inspectors are as under:-
Wood and dhows Repair Inspection.
Timber that has been well seasoned and that is kept in a uniform state of moisture (neither too wet nor too dry) when properly ventilated will remain stable and with no significant degradation for many hundreds of years. However, as a naturally occurring material, wood has naturally occurring enemies which come in the form of fungus (mould), worms and beetles which need to be inspected carefully.
Common Rot noticed by constellation marine surveyors during detailed Yacht/Boat condition inspection and surveys.
This is manifested by the presence of external yellow spots on the ends of the timber and is often accompanied by yellowish dust especially where the pieces of timber are in contact. The main cause is poor ventilation of the timber.
What is Wet Rot and how significant is it to be noticed during Yacht repair inspection?
Moisture, especially in the presence of warmth, will dissolve out some of the constituents of the cell walls and thereby cause decay. However, timber kept constantly immersed in water may soften but does not, in general, decay. It is the cyclical nature of wetting and drying that does the damage.
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The boat surveyor’s Dubairole in its investigation and reporting.
Because my principal experience as a surveyor over the years has been
as an underwriters’ surveyor, my comments in this paper are
understandably slanted towards insurance claims but many of the
principles will not be lost on surveyors appointed by other principals.
The role of independent marine surveyors
It is well established that a surveyor’s principal role is to establish
the facts as they relate to nature, cause and extent (three words
with which I am sure you are all very familiar) when instructed to
carry out a damage or loss survey but, of the three, we are
principally concerned in this paper with cause/causation.
However, before becoming immersed in discussion on this
fundamental role I am going to remind you briefly that a surveyor
has at least two other important functions.
A marine insurance policy will often contain a clause specifically
alerting the assured to their responsibilities to take appropriate
steps to mitigate a loss and to claim on third parties.
The assured is required to do both of these as a condition of
acceptance of any claim under the policy but in any event, under
English law, it a common law requirement for a claimant to
mitigate a loss, as it is under the law of many other countries.
Mitigation of loss
Hull and machinery Surveyors, from their wide experience of marine claims in one form
or another, are often in a very good position to advise a claimant on
both their need to mitigate a loss, and also in many cases on the
best method of doing so.
However, surveyors must bear in mind that it is not their role to
actually involve themselves with the appropriate action unless
otherwise instructed by their principals.

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Excluded Perils:
Sentimental loss - This is a market loss and never recoverable under a marine policy
marine surveyor dubai
Sympathetic Damage – is when one cargo damages another cargo in the same vicinity. If the damage to the first is caused by an insured peril then the resultant damage to the second cargo is considered to be by the same peril and is recoverable as a loss by that peril.
Constellation is an International Ship and Marine Consultancy/Survey firm with offices in UK, UAE and INDIA, specializing in off shore marine warranty inspection, Ship and cargo inspections for principles, insurance companies and charterers.

By the end of 2013 - Constellation is running a count of 8100+ instructions, holding a vast knowledge base and expertise of claims, loss adjusting, valuations and a seasoned team of Marine Engineers and Master Mariners.
Major marine insurance markets exist in the UK, Continent of Europe, the USA and Japan. Markets in other countries tend to cater solely for their own nations for e.g., in certain countries, business people are required to insure with their national insurance companies. THE MARINE INSURANCE MARKET Insurance companies – UK and overseas:
Marine Insurance forms a section of their total business interest.
The underwriter being a salaried employee has no individual liability. However, the company would be liable to the extent of it‟s paid up share capital. Most of these companies have bureau at the „Institute of London Underwriters‟ (ILU) and nearby.

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By Second quarter of 2014, Constellation was running a count of 8100+ instructions, holding a vast knowledge base for facing the toughest challenges the seven oceans have to offer including offshore consultancy. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Fujairah and London registered company of Professional Marine Consultants.
Our Surveyors and consultants have undergone 1 year formal diploma training courses conducted through IIMS &UK (International Institute of Marine Surveyors).The core team comprises of an experienced team of Master Mariners with a cumulative experience and wisdom of 100years as Mariners.
As Ship Masters and Marine Engineers, our A-TEAM has frequented the world´s busiest ports and shipping lines and with active training have achieved the highest industry standards in fields like pollution control at sea, environmental pollution response, oil transportation(of various sizes ranging handy size tankers to ULCC's) etc.
Members of our core team with the avid support of staff comprising of experienced consultants have only one mindset, SETTING HIGHER STANDARDS OF RELIABILITY AND CONSISTENCY TO YOUR BUSINESS.



Hull and structural damage surveys on-board barges/tugs & all types of ships.
-Investigations into grounding, collisions and contact damages. Fixed & Floating object damage assessment.
-Oil pollution claims & assistance with clean-up operations.
-Casualty inspections, internal safety audits and personal injury investigations.
-Inquiry into overloading of vessel.
-Assisting Master in stability calculation, Project cargo loading and investigation
-Container Surveys: Ship Condition Surveyors, Damage & Repair Estimates. Cargo worthiness certification.
-Towing and fastening surveys, warranty surveys.
-Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects.

For your Independent Cargo Inspection Needs

-Pre-discharge / Pre-loading condition survey of cargoes.
-Pre-loading inspection of ships cargo holds.
-Investigations of cargo contamination claims of bulk liquids.
-Project cargo & heavy lifts - Stowage, Lashing approvals and Superintendence.
-Ultrasound inspection on hatch covers while conducting full P & I condition surveys.
-Refrigerated cargo surveys, container damage and malfunction claims.
-Sealing and unsealing of cargo holds and drawing cargo samples.
-Inaccessible cargo space surveys to measure hatch volume.
-Draft Survey to Estimate the quantity of cargo loaded/discharged.

For your Vessel Surveys

-Bunker surveys on board ships.
-Sale and Purchase inspections. Ship Valuation certification. Chartered Engineers Certification
-Third party ship condition inspections on behalf of P & I and Hull machinery
-Upgrading vessel's draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.
-Advice on technical issues faced on marine vessels.
-Ship management advice including contracts, operational costs, surveys etc.
-MARINE CHEMIST and Gas Free inspections.
-SIRE Vetting
-Magnetic Compass adjustors, Deviation card plotting.

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i would like to recommend the best in surveys marine surveyors dubai constellation marine services.
Regarding constellation
Constellation is an International Ship and Marine Consultancy/Survey firm with offices in UK, Singapore and UAE, specializing in offshore marine warranty inspection, Ship and cargo inspections for principles, insurance companies and charterers.

click here for our team of professionals

Dubai [Reg. No. :- 1008889]
Captain Zarir Soli Irani.
MBA, FICS, AFNI, FIIMS, NAMS-CMS (Regional Director – International Institute of Marine Surveying – IIMS, UK)
Address: Office 806, The Citadel Tower,P.O Box 191105, Business Bay, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 4232884, +971 4 4518060
Mob: +971 50 1889614
Fax: +971 4 4232894
After office Hrs H.P. +971 50 8979103
Email: London [Reg. No. :- 7931920]
Mr Julien Gressier (Jr. Partner)
Capt. John Noble (Director/Mentor)
Capt. Sudheer Chitla (Marine Consultant)
Address: 2 Austin Street (off Shorditch High street), London E2 7NB. Office: +44 207 7396510 Fax: +44 207 7392263 Mobile: +44 7876211489 Mobile:(john noble)+447785226553, +442380790395
Singapore [Reg. No. :- 201302298W]
Ms. Lee, (Branch Co-coordinator)
Address: 10 Anson Road, No. 27/13,
International Plaza,
Singapore (079903)Click here for location.
Telephone: (65)6223 3071
Mobile: (65) 9698 1519
Fax: (65)6223 3076
Email: Abu Dhabi [Reg. No. :- CN-1430172]
Captain Diptiman Guha, Branch Manager
(Master Mariner)
Address: Emirates Tower, No. 224/225,
Hamdan Street,
P.O. Box – 27818, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: +971 2 6713320
Mobile: +971 55 1158694
Fax: +971 2 6713325
Email: Fujairah [Reg. No. :- 10370106]
Captain S. Sundar, Branch Manager
(Master Mariner)
Mr. Jacob Jackson
(Asst. Branch Manager, Fujairah)
Address: P.O Box 9071,Al Maha Tower, 1st Floor
#103 Shwais Street, Opposite Port of Fujairah,
Tel +971 92236344
Fax +971 92236343
A.O.H.: +971 56 1421168/+971 50 1527939

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I really want to ride on a big ship, that's why I take maritime course at PNTC Colleges.

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cmid inspections:The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) Inspections provides a platform for all marine professionals to use a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.

CMID Accredited Inspectors are free to use marine inspection format provided by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for the inspection and audit of offshore marine vessels in the in the offshore industry.

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