Friday, June 12, 2009

Sometimes It's a Bad Story...

Yesterday was busy - started with a survey on a 57 foot pinky schooner built in 1993 (cedar on oak fastened with boat nails) - then went onto a 1962 Chris Craft which did not make survey due to a bad transom and wasted fasteners (alloy breakdown) - it's pinky schooner day again with seatrial and lift out this morning. Inspecting the fasteners will be a chore....the pics\ is the schooner under sail off of Bainbridge Island.

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Knotepirat said...

Hi John,
This is Ali and Luc Maheu, owners of the pinky schooner TIGER that you surveyed. Just wanted to let you know that the boat is doing great, down in Point Richmond, CA. We're doing a lot of work on her, and living aboard. She looks VERY different from back when we purchased her, that's for sure! We'll send you some pictures if you're interested.