Friday, June 19, 2009


Pacemakers have a distinct keel cut-a-way which - I suppose - makes the vessel easier to maneuver - but also weakens the keel at the after end of the boat. Here's a Pacemaker I just surveyed that had a fractured or cracked keel just forward where the keel depth is reduced --- I believe that this thinner keel materially reduces the integrity of the entire structure - plus coupled with those bridge frames (sans floor timbers) to increase headroom, plus that bonding strap - all makes for trouble in these fine mid-century yachts. The picture clearly shows the starboard side of the keel split right down to the garboard. Since it's kind of a planing hull - imagine the load on the after end of the keel when at speed and the hinge point caused by the cut-a-way keel.

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