Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky....

This is a story of a boat called Lucky.

In some sense – but in another way – she isn't.

Here in Ballard – where boats go to die – Lucky was once an active resident – churning her way up and down Puget Sound to her owner's delight. Then the motor went south and then she sat – her owner abandoned her here at the Ballard Yacht Club. After about a year and half – the “For Sale” sign went up with no takers. Eventually a decision was made to make room for another victim by moving Lucky over to the public dock on 14th Avenue NW – where she would somehow how magically appear with no apparent owner or crew – thus hopefully becoming someone else's problem child. The folks here in Seattle aren't that dumb – the bread crumb trail was still hot and soon Lucky was 'returned' back to us - here at the Ballard Yacht Club.

After all of this -someone penciled in the short – but certainly accurate prefix 'Un'.

Is Un Lucky to be back where boats go to die or are we – the inmates here at the Ballard Yacht Club to have this loaf back in our failed and dismal lives.

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