Monday, May 4, 2009

Lake Union Dream Boats...

Thanks to Rick Etsell - and BTW - congratulations on passing your M200 exams !

Hi John – Saw your posting about Dreamboats and wanted to comment. (Alas there is no way to comment unless you have a blog somewhere.) Anyway, here’s what I was going to say:

The Classic Yacht Association has a great article on their website about Lake Union Dreamboats, at

Note: The Lake Union Dreamboats were designed by Otis Cutting, not Ted Geary. Not sure how that got started, but you see it written sometimes that they were Geary designed. He did design a couple of similar boats, but not the Lake Union Dreamboats or Blanchard Stock Cruisers.

Our family boat when I was growing up was a Lake Union Dreamboat (Orba – she’s still going strong today. . .), and I can attest that they are a great all-around boats for the Pacific Northwest – simple, comfortable and robust.

Oh a P.S.: Although the boat you have pictured may have been built by Lake Union, it is not a “Dreamboat”. Some owners of Lake Union built boats have come to think of anything built there as a “Lake Union Dreamboat” – a romantic sounding name for sure. But the name was specifically applied to their entry into the Stock Cruiser market, and only applied to the house aft, raised bow style. There are quite a few examples around here: Winifred, Orba, Turning Point, Zella C, Island Runner, Vagabond, Marian C, etc. Again, check out the CYA page for more details.. .


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